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and the top stories, an early election but fails to put up tens of thousands of protesters trying to force her out of a job. >> live outside the office where the protest leader asked his followers to camp out overnight. >> reporter: french troops disarm fighters accused of hundreds of deaths in the african republic and we will be live if the capitol. breaking links with russia and think the time to stop blockading government buildings and worth more than its weight in gold, historic olympic metal shatters auction records. ♪ our top story on thailand prime minister called an early election to stop the political crisis that is gripping the country but has not stopped the tens of thousands of protesters who want to put her out of a job and say she is running a corrupt government on behalf of her bother and they are gathered outside of her office in the capitol of bangkok and they have flooding the streets of bangkok and began marching on the complex on the northern outskirts of bangkok at the government house. now at least nine marches started from different locations on the city on descending
elected president of a free and democratic south africa, and that actually came to happen. how would you judge his handling the presidency as that first democratically elected president in south african history? >> i'm glad you said that because he was the first democratically elected president, not the first black president. he was that because everybody had the right to vote, including africa africans. i was born in 1952, so i have no memory of this speech in 1952, but i do remember as a student at stanford be being involved in the divestment movement, trying to make sure that southern africa would divest from the system and apartheid would be ended. that was continued when i went to law school in the '70s and continued into practice in the '80s when we had thousands of people protest during the reagan years. and it was people of every stripe, and his legacy is something that will have to last forever and i hope that we won't just simply honor him when his birthday comes up, but we should think about a global, a global remembrance of this day, of nelson mandela's birth, not his death b
this old business. all fluff and elected government the chosen government giving pollock to an unelected come home so that's ever happened anywhere in the one i can think of an instance where that has happened and he knows that some acts in this position what would be an acceptable compromise for walks is engaged. well we're waiting to say but don't quite right to be what she said is demanding is unconstitutional he wants the government to be sold in the king to step in and appoint a new prime minister now this is the ideal elected government that he once it disbanded and replaced with the people's council that would be a suspension of democracy but he wants this because the current government's i caught the baking in the polls they're just too popular with the common know but it is not the anti government protests is that you want to share the power that the middle classes that the elite that the educated section. but that being frozen out they killed when an election which is why they're staging these protests. now as you set out to daddy truce has been declared said that thailand can
parliament and calls for new elections. [chanting] a day of prayer in south africa for nelson mandela and leaders including president obama and three former u.s. presidents expected to attend tuesday's memorial service for the late south african president. >> and a crime was never committed and we stood by that. >> reporter: the san antonio four speaking out, released after 16 years behind bars for a crime they have always maintained they did not commit. ♪ the deep freeze is on, wintry weather and cold temperatures reach the east coast. the weather is disrupting travel nationwide and made some sunday nfl games almost impossible to see. good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie sy and the storm caused car pile ups in several states and accidents on the pennsylvania turnpike sunday involved almost 60 video as and this shows the long line of cars that came to a halt in morgan town, pennsylvania and we are tracking the storm. what is the latest? >> all of that snow and wind, it is still with us and we are going to continue to see it taking its toll and creating very
and others would have been disaster for any government. we are heading to a general election. parliament will be dissolved and a general election amount. the upa government will go to the masses and say, "this is what we have done for you." they are hoping that the masses will react to that knowing that the subsidy issue will be left indefinitely until a permanent solution can be found, one that india agreed to. >> a philippine congressman joins me from oz low. this is the first deal the world trade organization has completed in 18 years. was it worth the wait? >> i think for developing countries it's not a bad deal. the problem is in terms of the deal - the big problem is agriculture has been a massive subsidy that the developed countries have been given the farming sector, over $300 million a year. it puts the burden on the developing country's government to reduce their minimal subsidies. in spite the fact of the schedule it puts the burden on us. as far as trade, i think everybody recognises that the main beneficiaries will be the developed countries and the big corporations - small
policy of apartheid. on to become the country's first truly democratically elected leader. >> i, nelson mandela, do hereby to be faithful to the republic of south africa. a born in a small village to local chief, mandela was one of 13 children and the first member of his family to attend school. in the 1940's, he began opposing minority's policy of apartheid laws that segregated society. first, mandela was inspired by approach of nonviolent resistance. as white south africa became more aggressive, so did he. as the head of the armed wing of the african national congress, mandela led violent sabotage attacks and was arrested and in 1962. he would spend 27 years in jail. he was never forgotten. eventually, international and internal pressure led president klerk to announce apartheid would be dismantled and mandela would walk free. rather than seek richer view showing, nelson mandela reached oppressors.ormer he tried to heal a divided nation. and the clerk -- de klerk shared the nobel peace prize. >> in 1994, he voted for the with millions of his fellow black south africans. became a state
flagged it up, they said they wouldn't allow groups like karl rove's group, regarding elections, now alec doesn't do that, get involved in campaigns, it is actively involved in what happens to people after they get elected. you know, what happens to a state assemblyman and what laws are passed. and that is when alec gets >> it is a bit of fun or maybe a bit of lobbying going on there. there is a huge gray area in america about lobbying. and i think it will become more and more important, obama flagged it up, they said they wouldn't allow groups like karl rove's group, regarding elections, now alec doesn't do that, get involved in campaigns, it is actively involved in what happens to people after they get elected. you know, what happens to a state assemblyman and what laws are passed. and that is when alec gets involved. there will be more debate about it, alec is a tax-exempt charity. what it does is cook up legislation. >> if i had the choice of choosing who could be elected in a particular election or writing the laws that that person would introduce as a legislator once they were there
vowed to continue their campaign. >> we do not want to dissolve parliament. we do not want new elections because we will lose anyway. we want their family to leave the country. >> it is unclear where things will go from here. the prime minister has said she's willing to do everything it takes to end the protests made it clear that she cannot hand over power to another elected council. unelected council. >> charges of public insults and are links to an interview bob dylan gave last year. in a deeper -- in it he compared croatians to not these and the ku klux klan. there has been no comment from the center. >> -- from the singer. thef you are in paris in coming months and you love sparkly things, you can get up close and personal with some of the world's greatest jewels. grace kelly's engagement ring, the halo tiara won by kate middleton at her wedding, or the necklace given to elizabeth taylor by richard burton on atentine's day show up now the cartier style and history. >> for fans of the french jeweler, there will be a trip out memory lane. along with trs, necklaces, and cigarette cases
is the best company in delhi but to the posts on penn state the hotly contested election so pissed wanted but the clock ten down to four with sixty five cents but the full senate. a total of eight hundred and ten times its peak as transmitting jenny and to exercise their franchise in the seventy minute and the sunday amid high voltage on the road to visit troops in one go to bed but he didn't know. yes that little fire had been inside the team into the contest but the entire kitchen at the party on ttp seems to be crying fit and tea for the first time. iam not the type the laptop which is catching up with an anti craft movement. it stands to win support in the polls when ttp has its candidates and sixty six constituencies on this and become a contestant on said tuesday after the admin fee due on the brain behind the hugely popular anti corruption campaign in two thousand and seven. it's been tested against incumbent chief minister said that they should have been going around somewhere and the odd tantrum and i didn't even have most of us have to get the key. mr then burst into the communi
to unite the country. at our first meeting after he became president and i was elected leader of party in may 1994. he asked me to have breakfast in cape town, and he said, you know, toni, the opposition must hold up a mirror to the government. and we might not always like what we see in it, but that is a democracy. and he was pretty true to that. if you [ inaudible ] on certain toes of his organization, he was none too happy, but i think in the main he lived up to the ideals that he set out for the >> nelson mandela leaves a lasting legacy across the africa continent. let's hear from malcolm who has been speaking to a uganda journalist. >> we are outside of uganda's sports stadium. it was built in 1997 and it was named after nelson mandela. mandela visited uganda on several occasions, the first time was in 1990, just months after he had been released from prison. this man worked as a journalist in uganda for many years. >> it was euphoric. it was every single person in the country could tell that there was something in the country that had never been there before, that was nelson mand
-called red shirts, a political movement that helped bring the government to power in an election, and is vowing to keep it there. >> translator: the government that comes from the majority will survive. >> reporter: the prime minister's party easily won the last election on the back of support in areas like this. her brother, the former prime minister, built his power base here through populous policies that favored the poor. he lives in self imposed exile following the coup that forced him from office. this current political crisis was sparked by the government's push for an amnesty bill which could have paved the way for his return. this man leads one of the red shirt factions. he runs a community radio station which makes no claim to being politically independent. he says the people are still angry about what happened to the prime minister, and they will invade bangkok in big numbers if they do the same to his sister. >> translator: you will see a riot. >> reporter: even the stanchest supporters acknowledge he wasn't perfect, but they say he did things for him that no other pr
, regarding elections, now alec doesn't do that, get involved in campaigns, it is actively involved in what happens to people after they get elected. you know, what happens to a state assemblyman and what laws are passed. and that is when alec gets involved. there will be more debate about it, alec is a tax-exempt charity. what it does is cook up legislation. >> if i had the choice of choosing who could be elected in a particular election or writing the laws that that person would introduce as a legislator once they were there, i know which one i would pick. thank you very much for your time, sir, fascinating. we'll be right back. [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer
are genuine in sg a new chapter. >> in iran we have political elections an an popular and popr elections. >> they chose a different path this time around. and that election provided a historic opportunity to us and to the west in order to atry tro address us. you. we are not talking about sanctions. when sanctions started iran had less than 200 centrifuges and the note product has been 1880 centrifuges that has been added to iran's stock of centrifuges so sanctions have utterly failed in that regard. it seems to me that the west is trying to take advantage of the historic opportunity. we have a new government and a different approach to foreign policy. our tenants of foreign policy have not changed we insist on our rice rite an rights and we t negotiate. this can be achieved best through construction gea negotiation. >> first of all, what has happened, nick, since this deal was made and are there signs of how this is going to work? >> yeah, john, i think their initial reaction is tentatively positive. iran has allowed inspects yors intinspectors intoa plutonium pl meet in sr sri sr sri v
way and thinking about re-election. that's not going to be repeated. the emerging markets are in difficulties, as i say, and the result is that german exports at the moment are up from just before the crisis because of exports to emerging markets. so the german export machine is now having difficulties but the emerging markets are in difficulties. >> charles will pick up on this point in just a bit. charles dumas, the chairman of lombard street is staying with us. this is how we're shaping up across european markets this morning. a bit of a mix between the red and the green, but on balance, the gainers have it. we're up about 0.3% on the stoxx europe 600. the german market has been one of the better performers this morning. still a gap to close as we close out the month of november. but nonetheless, the move has been a push higher on the top performance has been the likes of infineon. as we move on to some of the other markets, zurich, we've got some selling in shividon. nestle is under pressure. across the board on balance, you can see on these indices, the xetra dax 0.5%
and a red shirt, a movement that brought the government to power during the election, and is vowing to keep it there. >> a government that comes from the majority will survive. ther. >> the prime minister, yingluck shinawatra, easily won the last election in areas like this. her brother built his power policy by favoring the poor. he still lives in self-imposed exile. this current political christ wamovementwas sparked. >> he runs a community station which makes no claim to being politically independent. he said that people are still angry and they'll invade bangkok in big numbers if it happens again to his system. >> if the army sends the tanks onto the streets, you'll see the grassroots and red shirts come out to offer protection. you'll see it will be a riot. >> even texa his staunchest supporters, he still did things for him which others had not. >> he did everything for us. that's why we love him. >> reporter: the people of the north-northeast claim that their dismiss of the east is naive. but what they know now despite the party winning, they're now facing another fight. >> thousands
happened here after parliament election and last year presidential election. nothing is going to change the whole thing. also serves russia to show that that they should be polite to russia because it is the only country that could give them power. it is not seen as a threat here this year. >> sir, i'm sorry, we'll have to leave it there, thank you. we'll be back with more news from europe. now back to adrian in doha. >> barbara, people all over the world are continuing to celebrate the life of former president nelson mandela. this is the scene where he used to live in soweto. mourners bring flowers and continue to sing and dance to celebrate his life. he died at the age of 95. we're live in johannesburg. remind us of the significance of that particular location. >> well, this was essentially the nerve center. it was here that nelson mandela stayed for a number of months. it was the armed wing of the anc of the they would gather and meet to discuss strategies, what to do and where to go next. nelson mandela was dedicated to speak to a senior anc member at that particular time. other mem
looks to make gains in key elections. we'll be in dehli in just over half an hour. >>> and move over, detroit. tensions are moving to other regions drowning in debt, including puerto rico. what it could mean. if you've got any thoughts or comments about anything we're talking about today, e-mail us, the ecb today will be presenting new growth and inflation forecasts alongside the announcement of its latest policy decision. the central bank said it expected a slight rise in inflation in 2014 and '15 and predicated a rise in in inflation across the upper row zone next year. annette is with us now. they cut rates last month. the euro hasn't weakened. we had sharp divergence between germany and france. what do they do now? >> that's a good question, actually, probably. today they won't do anything. we might see more moving towards potential further easing next year. as well, of course, that wouldn't be their first agenda to weaken the euro a little bit towards the dollar. they would never admit that. but it would actually help around the periphery of the eurozone. as
" is why bill de blasio was elected. the tale of two cities as he put it. a lot of it, steve you have some charts here -- goes to affordable housing. so many elements to this story. it's not a new york city story it's a national story. mika said one in five american children live in poverty. >> it's a national story. what you have are a number of things that come together to create it. you had this terrible recession. you have the rising income equality which is fine for wealthy people to get wealthier but the people at the bottom have gotten poorer. you have reduction in food stamps. the average food stamp income has gone from $33 to $25 as part of this. you got a discussion about the minimum wage. >> you can't live on it. >> there's a whole bunch of things that come together in a perfect storm for people at the bottom and so they feel very picked upon and i think rightly so. >> joe, you would agree you got to make work pay in order to get people network. asking people to work for something they can't afford to support their family on that's not really how welfare reform works. >> i agree
to be different because we have the democratically elected president. auntie cnot say as mysterious twenty two systems to spark the european union. we don't accept such mundane. support all the mass protests has come from a surprise quartet the previous price said the president of ukraine been a coach not the case to incur and in a craft you have all expressed solidarity with peaceful rallies. it's been an expansion in yemen's ministry of defence in the capital sana. initial reports suggest several people have been killed and six. industry sources say a suicide bomber trip hop to experience it into a gate. many tenants and said the complex. witnesses describe the sound of shots coming from the compound where it got back to its report to be taking place these two stone and i reap up to the tent was stationed just outside makes the case the t stop the security of the tough it was revealed to contain radioactive hospital waste which could be used by terrorists. such was the lowest as mexico's new kids' safety commission warned that tampering with the content could be dangerous to form a united an
, protesters hope to topple the elected government and replace it with an unelected people's council. >> now, a french researcher is behind a new breakthrough for more than 40,000 people hoping to get a cornea transplant worldwide. a biologist has found a way to reprogram hair cells to make a cornea from your own d.n.a. we have more on the discovery that's just been recognized by the academy of science. >> using hair cells to help the blind see again, for this french scientist, the goal behind a decade's work, just recognized by the academy of science. >> our laboratory's innovation has taken a hair, cultivated its cells, and reprogrammed those cells to form cornea cells. >> the corneas protects the iris and the pupil. it can be destroyed in an accident, by burns, or infection. in such cases, the eye goes opaque, causing blindness. nowadays scientists are able to repair the cornea with grafts from donors, like those in this container. 42,000 people are currently awaiting for a cornea trance plarnt around the world, however, the number of donors pales in comparison. but grafting corneas from
bangladeshis equally irrespective of that confession. i am hopeful that there will be. a an election on saturday the fifth which will be free and fat in which a bowl of pasta so participates. and whoever wins on the outcome will be respected and to match there's no real idea but defeated in the nineties attention the new week of the billion pounds of medical conditions like to present this time an accent. that is a sort of a series of hawaii's about minorities particularly hindus or buddhists christians i'm a gm was lynn's ravine on the receiving end of august from his the midst of the groupings of this being the rise of an even more extreme group of half it is on the witches or we don't quite know where it comes from. which is being taught that seeing some of the minorities. the european union would like to support a democratic and prosperous companies tend to get it the very large. bangladeshi community to take the increase in the country that i represent in london and so they're all along with strong links with the bangladeshi diaspora in eu member states. so we have every reason
of germany, there was no topping their match. >> the heavy, wet snow couldn't dampen the election. in the fifth minute, they headed in to make it 1-0. his effort aided by a slippery ball that got away from the keeper. minds just couldn't come into its own and squandered the few chances they managed to create. nuremberg was clearly in control, but failed to put the game out of reach. after the break, he found his footing. he captured a long pass, equalizer in the 75th minute. and then the chipper had the golden opportunity to put them in the lead. they were happy to leave town with a point, and in your he will berle will have to do better after the winter break. >> and bayern munich are threatening to paul way. that makes saturday's clash etween all the more crucial. a win will go a long way to cementing their place as title challenger. >> winter has arrived, but despite the chilly temperatures, the team and its fans are basking in the warm glow of success. now the coach faces a major challenge. defending second place in the standings. >> there's alza lot of spirit. >> our job will
that then lead to elections. >> more now on our top story. the death of nelson mandela. south africa's foreign minister. at mandela's insistence. he served in the first post apartheid government. >> that kept nelson mandela in jail, and he then served under mandela in south africa's first cabinet. it was his task to publicly defend the continued imprisonment of mandela and other political developments. privately he long lobbied for mandela's release. >> due to the effect that mandela ought to be released that we are making a bigger martyr of him every day that he stays in prison. and that is international acclaim. and it would be growing to an extent that we would not be able to hand it will any longer. unfortunately at that time it was. >> eight years later nelson mandela bake a free man. >> he spent 27 years in prison. and the day he was released he displayed the--he displayed the acumen and energy of a person who has been a president before, amazing. amazing what insight he had in the minds of people. and for that matter into world affairs. >> and central to the success of the negotiation t
, they have a unity government. mandela is the first elected president of multiracial south africa. he makes the clerk his deputy president so there's a clear sign to the country, this is about reconciliation, moving forward. this is not about recriminations and bitterness. that's the inspiring part. inagree with you, bob. some of those countries, communists or whatever, were the few countries willing to support a nelson mandela. you know what is the key, afterwards, he says no to violence and no to those communists. >> juan, we want to thank you. our fellow co-host of "the five" for being with us tonight and sharing those reflections. >>> coming up, mr. bob beckle was down at his house in d.c. last weekend putting u.n. h int christmas lights. we're not sure how hard he actually worked. don't miss the annual light show. bob's just talking away. he's very excited. we've got a special package for you and it's coming up. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's, we still run io problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car repla
republicans that are -- >> right. >> -- holding this up. >> who got 3 million less votes in the last election. >> and remember, as you pointed out, over a majority of republicans actually support an increase in the minimum wage. so there is overwhelming consensus among the american p ub on this issue. >> there's dual tracks here. there's a kind of inside strategy with the progressive caucus pushing for this and even kind of main street democrats. then you've got this fight for 15. these are the fast food worker strikes. there was the biggest yet yesterday. they've been spreading. how do you think those two are interacting with each other? >> i think there are a couple things going on. social movements and protests in disruption is always great at getting issues on the national political agenda that normal politics doesn't allow. so if anything, we're having a sustained discussion about income inequality -- >> it's on every cable news network, it's on cnbc. >> even fox. it's everywhere. so one, we're talking about it, and there's legislation. but two, we are seeing actual legislative victories
elect better leaders and run our country better and continue to be a democratic society. how do south africans teach their children about what happened in the past. >> there are different ways. and south africa has a yum of -- a number of museums. and there is also a intergenerational conversations that go often in fa families where a gran grandmother will tl the children about what it was like glowing up. and the younger stories that seismic about what if meant to go grow and the integrated schools. they are all earring all ears wo know who this great man was. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> it's not winter yet but you wouldn't no it in the weather. a mix of snow and sleet and freezing rain has dragging across the country eyein icing s across the northeast. hahazardous conditions causing pile ups on the roadways and claudkef kevin is here to tell us what to expect. >> it's not winter yit. winter r in meteor logical winter. and with these wair weather pats and this icing it poor trays that portrays that. when you factor in the wind. bismark, north dakota, -25. now earlier we
on to become the country's first truly democratically elected leader. >> i nelson mandela do hereby swear to be faithful to the republic of south africa. >> born to a local chief, mandela was one of 13 children and the first member of his family to atend school. apartheid that made colored south africans second class citizens. as white south africa became more aggressive, so did he. as the head of the armed wing to have african national congress, the a.m.c., he led violent, sabotage attacks and was arrested and tried in 1962. he would spend 27 years in jail, but he was never forgotten. 4 eventually international and internal pressure led president declercq to announce apartheid would be dismantled and mandela would walk free. but he reached out to his former oppressors and tried to heal a divided nation. in 1993, he and declercq shared the nobel peace prize. > fellow south africans. we appreciate the con contribution they have made to the development of this country. >> in 1994, he voted for the first time with millions of his fellow black south africans. he became a statesman, an interna
it was in the election cycle but these young people in 2012, look at obamacare. we see policies so quickly turned against the generation that voted for them in 2012 and you would think i voted in 2004 obama. and the turnaround in 2012 and looking to the student loans? there pushed like predators' on these students. stuart: in the last two presidential elections president obama won an overwhelming plurality of young people's votes for students or youngsters, he won a plurality. do you think there is any chance come 2016, years down the road that situation will be reversed? >> it could be reversed and the lot is incumbent on republicans on making the case, depend on the candidate, the messaging, the outrage, lot of things. stuart: you need republicans to go to universities. >> there was a study that democrats good universities more than republicans and bring in more liberal speakers than republicans and go to the lecture hall every single day kids are getting a liberal perspective and the.. i am taking online classes and running this organization. i have no student loan debt. i am taking online classes, do
particularly because of the shutdown and how that hurt republicans. and it's an election year in 2014, republicans want to talk about obama care, they want to talk about other issues. they think they can beat up on obama and the democrats and don't want to get bogged down by shutdowns and debt limit fights. there's no reason to think stocks are too high because washington's going to kill everything. >> and maybe it was set so low because it was on the floor. >> you can't go much lower than they are. they can clear the bar for expectations which is no shut down. and maybe get the approval ratings in the 10% range, double digits at some point. >> one of the things we've been watching is what the fed's going to do next. how much do you think the fed has been responsible for this. and if the tapering begins, is that really something that takes the steam out of the market? not if it's just based on valuations like you've been talking. >> i have not been of the view that fed-driven liquidity is the sole support under the market. we touched on it a few minutes ago, there are many traditional
all the people who thought that the black people in africa who thought that as soon as he was elected, things were going to look much better. they would have houses, cars, that didn't materialize. it was a crazy system that set up before that. >> that would have taken a redistribution. >> they did exactly that. >> mandela was somebody who would personally get involved in all kinds of issues. we're going to be speak, richard branson later this morning. he received a personal phone call from mandela asking him to step in and save some jobs by investing in a company. he's going to talk to us about that. he's somebody who saw the plight, reached out on a personal level and tried to make a difference every day. >> michelle, are you coming back? >> i think so. >> because i want to ask you about the south african economy. it is a member of the g-20. it is one of the leading countries and i know guys have put money into that country who made a lot of money there. >> they're considered one of the fragile five, as we call it. so if we start to see tapering -- right. just like indonesia or india
the first democratcly elected government of egypt. he received nearly 500,000 votes from time readers, 26 percent of the total. time says he got massive support from people in egypt who generated largest number of votes in the poll understandably. turkey president came in second with miley cyrus in third. no fooling. official time person of the year is chosen by the magazine editor and will be announced next wednesday. i doubt it's miley but we'll see. >> electric guitar bob dill land famously played in the 1965 newport folk if he is have sold at auction today for 9 65,000 dollars. it is a record for guitar sold at auction. christy says absentee buyer purchased the fender guitar it was move from acoustic to electric rock and roll. guitar has been in the possession of new jersey family for nearly 50 years. dillon left it open a pr by the owner's late father. >> craft brew industry is boo booming but many of the brew are sold in limited 80's and that is creating a black market now. brewers say they are seeing some beer offered for hundreds of dollars. particularly once that are har
there to protect the taxpayer is a lot of times the democrats that the union ves elected, anyway. so you've got no one there to protect the -- >> well, in the past when officials have not wanted to pay up for raises at the time, they say don't worry, we'll take care of you at the pension. 30 years down the road they're not necessarily going to be honored all the time. it's not just the pensioners who are going to feel pain. this is every constituency. >> in the private sectors, they know if they put their company out of business, they're going to still have a job. and cities can't believe this is happening. we would be back to where every single time they're going to think, hey, we can -- >> the rest of the nation is watching what happens in detroit. it's going to be appealed. the union ves said they're going to appeal this decision. but the judge who ruled yesterday said he will not stay his decision awaiting that appeal. when we come back, we'll talk november expectations for the adp jobs report. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it fou
to be finished, but after mandela was released and after those first elections in south africa, so much more of this continent has become democratic. it's not a coincidence. >> christiane, so many world leaders when you talk about the leader of cuba, the united states and europe and african countries, it could not be more diverse. do you think there is a lesson, a takeaway they can come away from mandela? because you have such an incredible diverse group of world leaders who govern differently. >> wouldn't it be great. wouldn't that just be wonderful. there are certainly many leaders out there, many conflicts that could be resolved if a little bit of mandela's forgiveness and inclusion was employed. many long time dictator and authoritarians who make take a lesson out of mandela's playbook. he stepped down after one term. he promised to serve one term and kept that promise. sure, there are many, many leaders out there who could take some serious lessons to what mandela proved as a leader on the world stage. >> and particularly the areas of compromise and the like, too. >> and forgiveness. >>
of wayne us areas. the economy there collapsed. that plays into capitalism. >> when he was elected, many people did not know who he was. we are still learning about him and his time. also, his interactions with the poor. he is someone who is always reached out. >> the phrase that i use is ripped up the script. we just saw images of desmond tutu. the anglican experience against the africana experience in south africa. with in the religion of south africa, there has been so much to mull. -- tumult. catholic, what do you see for south africa as they try to move forward? this is a huge issue. >> nelson mandela was a huge, unifying figure. even in the last years of his life, he still helped people together. what will happen among these groups in the coming days and years will be critical. >> when you see south africa, do you perceive that religion still is front and center? i believe that he was in a methodist school coming out of the tribes way back. his religion still important there? >> i think that the anglican church still has a presence there. it can definitely play a role. >> part of t
elections which featured new fabrics and that gives the entire season. i sang carols. hawkins said that this is the seventeenth of august at the video is outstanding. after that i ate a bank card you with another episode of destination the sea. the majority of chocolate week the united states comes from africa but the idea of eating chocolate comes from central and south america as far back as eleven hundred bc. the aztecs are widely regarded as the folks that came up drinking chocolate and their beverage is called bitter water the current indications of a long way since the times of aztecs but we still do love the drink that beer cup of salad. we have the color on her knee sat with us. it was exactly how you make perfect hot chocolate. that's the way that we can get it perfect we like to do that emphasize the lexus ever hot chocolat as more of a european style watch the plan. so in order to achieve that end result you really wanna start with a high quality chocolate to begin with because you want the flavor of the topics to shine through. so what we do is be creative and actually
of the major factors as to why the president, once you only got elected and he felt there was a series, sophisticated committed partner on the other side, that the president now has committed political will in his own name towards this process in which is not done at all since he took office. and that combined with the iranians are doing the same is creating a dramatically different situation into negotiations than ever has existed. but still he didn't mean it was easy and it didn't mean it couldn't have collapsed. the talks were supposed to end friday, but they continued on through saturday and that's when john kerry should have been to all of the other foreign ministers showed up and that a lot of us were thinking, they are only showing up because ideal already is had and they just had to wait for them to show up so the photo op could be there without any one of the missing. then it just kept dragging on. then they became 10 p.m. at night government and the talk was that john kerry has to go to london the day after. curiously because he needed have been meeting with with the british
are looking to 2014, mid-term elections as an opportunity for both sides. they've got to figure it out. >> what are you going to buy? quickly? besides the emerging markets? staying here in the u.s.? >> i think the biggest -- that doesn't happen i think we're okay. emerging markets will be the spot for next year. >> gentlemen, thank you both. good to see you. thanks for joining us today. we'll take a break. come back with the closing countdown for this thursday. in danger of a five-day losing streak overall. so far no up days for the month of december. >>> after the bell, they want $15 an hour. or no one gets a happy meal. fast food workers making their case today for higher wages. one will be joining us, coming up this next hour on the "closing bell." stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪ ♪ i wanna spread a little love and cheer ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- provocative design and exacting precision come together in one powerful package at the lexus december to remember sales event, with some of the best offers of the year on our most
we elect people, put them on staff? if that's the way it is, i understand. i'm a pragmatic realist. in the end, i would think it's important that somebody reads it before they pass it because i think all the surprises in obama it's not fair to put many public workers back in this kind of gray area again. this is supposed to save $150 billion over the next several decades and all eyes will be focused on illinois because it's the worst and it's trying to get better. back to you, simon. >>> tweet time. jeff bezos reveals they are experimenting with drone-based delivery. the service amazon prime air could be ready in the next four or five years and could carry objects to customers within a ten-mile radius of an amazon distribution center. is it a great idea? what's the worst that could happen? tweet us @squawkstreet. [ female announcer ] thanks for financing my first car. thanks for giving me your smile. thanks for inspiring me. thanks for showing me my potential. for teaching me not to take life so seriously. thanks for loving me and being my best friend. don't forget to thank those w
guarantee him success in the elections. from his perspective, that was going to be russia particularly as the ukraine required financial support which the eu seems unlikely willing to provide. >> if they had been willing to provide that, would the situation have been different? >> potentially. however, russia does hold a number of cards. obviously, ukraine is still very dependent on gas imports from russia and the gas price would have been a crucial consideration in all of this. however, it's clear from what has happened yanukovych miscalculated the extent to which the population is in favor of joining us moving towards the eu. we just got this note coming out from the ukraine finance minister saying can ikiev will back its debt on time. what do you make of that? >> that's clearly a signal to russia that the ukraine is still on side and possibly able to appeal to russia to come forth with distance. at this point, yanukovych has to show concrete evidence of russian support. >> are these protests go to go continue? and what are the implications? >> the protests are likely to continue. sh
they're just buying tablets. >> on twitter. by the way, twitter has elected margie scar did i no to the board. a former head of the economist group. i think a nokia director in some capacity. so a little diversity of the board. >> hewlett packard doesn't just have diversity. it's a great turn around. >> i think that's always an interesting point. we talk so much about ladies in the top office, but there you've got meg whitman and cathy lesjack and they are running that company. >> and the cfos in this country, i don't mean to be sexist or even recognize gender, but two of the best cfos in the country are women. women who are watching the show are -- or teenagers or those in your 20s, go into finance. there's jobs there. >> when we come back this morning, a live interview with ford's ceo alan mulally as the automaker unveils a new redesigned mustang for 2016. but what about his future at the company? we'll see what happens. we're going to get factory orders and draghi's presser continues. a lot more "squawk on the street" in a moment. . tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspires your t
in states with a democrat senator up for election next year. they spent hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to so-called community groups to provide navigators to go about helping people sign up for insurance. they have spent an enormous amount of time cultivating hollywood figures with big twitter accounts and facebook pages to advocate this. the president spent years touting benefits of this. if dr. emanuel really thinks the answer is one television ad waiting back there in the ol' closet they're about to spring out and that will get them to 7 million people signed up by end of march or to even five million or six million signed up by december 23rd when the enrollment period ends to guaranty coverage by january 1 he is kidding himself. he is delusional. bill: that is 105 days from now. >> he is delusional. bill: marketing, pr, this thing has been on every website and newspaper and television station for 2 1/2 months. >> you get one chance to create a first impression and affordable care act's first impression created on october 1 was not good. as people have learned more about i
from a high point, more or less with his initial election in 2008 to a low point, whether it was the language he used or some of the relationships that went on to change when they saw policies that were in place. what is it like today. where do things stand with if it's even possible to describe it, wall street generally. >> i would tell you that the alignment between the white house and the business community is probably the most aligned. away from the rhetoric people like to talk about, wall street and the business community wants immigration reform. >> wall street and business community wants tax reform. president would like them to go down 25% from manufacturing. wall street is for more of export initiative and free trade. if you look at where we are today, a lot of the president's priorities align with this country from the business side. >> jobs that was job one when he took office. we still have anemic job growth. the fed, it feels, has to pump $85 billion into the economy to try and spur job growth right now. what is it going to take? >> i'll
. >> now, election's coming up. many think that this compromise, the fact it was bipartisan, is going to give you an edge for a second term. with our final 40 seconds here, can you give us an idea of some of the issues you're going to be underscoring as you make a run for a second term? >> you need governors that take on hard issues like pension reform, and like making sure we have marriage equality in our state. i signed that law a couple of weeks ago. that's what governors should do. i don't worry about politics. i worry about policy. i inherited terrible problems from rob blagojevich. we cleaned up the ethics, and we reformed the pension system which needed fundamental reform. >> now, with regard to chicago, which you can't speak for directly, obviously -- >> i live in chicago. >> no, i understand that. it seems like rahm emanuel is going to have issues regarding property taxes and raising property taxes, because they have a pretty big gaping deficit hole. do you have any advice or any issues that you think we can learn from on how you negotiate on a state level with respect to rah
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